Equity Implementation Council

Our Group Description:

The EIC comprises employees from every department and level within the Agency to support the Agency’s DEI work. The council is skill-based and chaired by the manager of Equity and Transformation, Msenwa Mweneake.

The Equity Implementation Council is at least a 1-year commitment to a maximum of 3 years.   The council meets to support the drafting/designing and review of the Agency Equity strategy. Once the Equity Plan is fully designed and presented to the entire agency and partners, the council will shift to an accountability framework with meetings scheduled quarterly.

Our Work Plan:

  1. Assist in designing and reviewing the Agency Equity Plan to ensure integration.
  2. Inform the communication plan and an integrated implementation strategy.
  3. Inform the consultations, and discuss the implications for the agency’s Equity work
  4. Serve as outcome measurement and accountability body that recommends areas for improvement and challenges the status quo
  5. Serve as DEI ambassador and integration body with other existing committees

Our Current Focus:

Supporting the development of the Agency’s DEI strategy.