Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression Committee (AR AO)

Our Group Description:

We aim to achieve inclusive excellence within an anti-racist/anti-oppressive practice framework, both externally in our service delivery to the community and stakeholders and internally with staff and leadership. We believe FACSFLA and our community are enriched by diversity and inclusion – as leaders of FACSFLA, we aspire to be diverse, fair, and open and will make a personal commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion evident. The social and political landscape is changing, and child welfare across the province is reimagining service delivery while making atonement with less informed practices and approaches that have caused harm to children, youth, and their families.

We are committed to a new way of work that integrates anti-oppressive practice in which we challenge the impacts of our power and privilege, eliminate barriers, and are inclusive of the broad range of diversity within our agency and our community.

Our Work Plan:

Our work plan, reviewed annually, aligns with the Purpose and the Vision of the committee. Our vision is to:

  1. Define, encourage, implement, and monitor the progress of AR/AO in the agency.
  2. Encourage our agency to be that one that actively works and demonstrates success at eliminating the disproportionate number of children from equity-seeking groups in care and the disparity of outcomes for equity-seeking children, youth, and families involved with child welfare.
  3. Support initiatives where children, families, and other community stakeholders are involved in designing, implementing, and evaluating child welfare services.
  4. Review/learn the needs and circumstances of those who are equity-seeking, which is central in determining how child welfare services are structured.
  5. Support a learning organization that is diverse in culture and reflects and honours the diverse views of all who work here.
  6. Assist in supporting the collection and analysis of identity data and use it to develop and inform our work and agency culture.