Braving Discomfort

Braving Discomfort sessions align with our DEI commitment to ensuring that children and families of all diverse groups can access our services and that services are responsive to their unique needs. Braving Discomfort Session also supports our commitment to establishing and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment for employees, volunteers, foster and adoptive parents, students, and Board members.

Braving Discomfort sessions provide a forum to unite us as an agency to have an intentional and authentic dialogue to foster a culture of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within FACSFLA whereby everyone’s humanity and dignity are amplified and their voice heard. Braving discomfort sessions allow space for open, genuine sharing of learning and experiences, where respect and understanding are promoted.

Braving Discomfort Sessions are opportunities for us to continue to challenge and work alongside each other to make FACSFLA an equitable, inclusive, and diverse workplace for all, regardless of our identities.