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Agency Profile

This is Family and Children's Services

We are a community Agency governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and mandated under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017. We receive funding from the Government of Ontario, and our staff, foster families, and volunteers are community members serving other members of our community in need of support. We work in partnership with those we serve and other community service organizations.

How we are accountable

We are guided by a strategic plan that includes family engagement, seeking a sense of belonging for children and youth, acknowledging and addressing racism and oppression that exists in our organization, taking responsibility and attempting to change the colonial approach that causes harm to FNIM families and communities, and promoting wellness and professional growth of our staff. The work we do is regularly reviewed by our Board of Directors, the Government of Ontario and in some cases the Family Court. We strive to meet strict performance indicators - all designed to improve our service.  Independent oversight agencies assist our service recipients in advocating for their needs.

Service Recipients

Most service users are family members in need of support, guidance and understanding. Our work is to respectfully listen to their voices and assist them to ensure children grow up in a safe place.

This is what we do

Our Vision is Children and Youth Growing Up in Their Families, Cultures and Communities. This is what our Vision means - we believe the best place for kids to grow up is with their own family. That’s why our primary goal is to keep families in crisis together. If that’s not possible we will turn first to extended family or the connected community for help. Foster care will always be a last resort and temporary as we search for permanency if a child or youth cannot return home. If a permanent home cannot be secured with someone known to the child, we will then find them a permanent home and family through adoption. We’ll preserve and promote the culture and community of the child’s family. They will know where they come from and who they are connected to. Every child and youth in our care will be heard and will experience safety and well-being in a nurturing environment that is respectful of their heritage and identity.

How you can help

Here's how you can get involved and further our work:

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  • Advocate for the families we serve and our work

  • Support & Donate to our charitable programs
  • ▪ Become a Kinship, foster or adoptive parent
  • Volunteer
  • Call us (613) 545-3227
  • Visit our website https://www.facsfla