Compliment, Concern, Complaint

FACSFLA strives to provide quality, family-focused services to our community.  We want to hear from you when you have a compliment, concern or complaint.


Feedback and Compliments

If you have a compliment or some feedback on the services provided by FACSFLA we want to hear from you.  You can send us your feedback by email at


Concerns and Complaints 

If you have concerns or a complaint about the services you’ve received from FACSFLA we want to work with you to try and resolve them.  Any services you are receiving from FACSFLA will not be negatively affected by any concern or complaint you bring to the agency’s attention.

Please consider talking with your worker or their manager about your concern or complaint as we want to work with you to try and resolve your concern or complaint.

If you are not satisfied with this option,  you have other options:

Information is also available through the Ministry of Children, Community  and Social Services website through the following link