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Appointment of Executive Director

Sonia Gentile

I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors in a unanimous decision has appointed Sonia Gentile as the on-going Executive Director for the Family and Children’s Services for Frontenac Lennox Addington. Since taking on the interim role last September, Sonia has led the organization through her inclusive, collaborative and values-based leadership. Her leadership values are emblematic of the core values for the child welfare sector in Ontario and with the strategic direction of our Agency “Children and Youth Growing Up in Their Families, Cultures, and Communities”. 

Since September we have continued with the focus as articulated in the Strategic Plan to work on positive programs and services that are aimed at keeping families together. We have continued to develop a new and imaginative relationship with indigenous communities through the Kewaywin Circle. The Board and senior leader team have collaborated to find ways to achieve financial sustainability without affecting programs and services for families, children and youth. In the last few months through implementation of the FACSFLA Pandemic Plan staff and clients have successfully adapted to their changed relationship due to COVID-19, this is a significant accomplishment. All of this and more come from having an inclusive and collaborative leadership team lead by Sonia. 

Sonia’s career in Ontario’s child welfare system and her experience from being a front-line social worker, to Director of Service and now Executive Director speaks for itself. Sonia has extensive experience working on provincial issues, services and programs in the child welfare system. She is a believer in building community strengths to provide wrap around services for families, children and youth. She believes in working collaboratively with all staff, union leaders and volunteers to create an equitable and safe workplace that is based on positive programs to advance anti-racism and anti-oppression.

Sonia holds two social work degrees, a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master’s of Social Work as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She is a believer in continuous learning for herself and all Agency staff. 

On behalf of all Board members, I want to recognize the great work that has taken place in the last few months as all staff have had to make adjustments, not just to work life but to private life. This has been a true test of your professionalism and commitment to the work that you do each and every day to make life better for families, children and youth. 

I want to thank Sonia for her leadership of FACSFLA since last September. Speaking for the Board, we look forward to many great things that will come from her executive leadership role by advancing the strategic direction, through implementing innovative programs and through delivering service excellence that makes a difference to all who make up the FACSFLA community. 

Dan Corbett
Chair, Board of Directors FACSFLA
May 25, 2020

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