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Pilot of START tutoring program a success

The first year of the two-year pilot of the START tutoring program has finished on a successful note. The program, created by Family and Children’s Services, was designed to address the educational challenges that the children they serve have in schools. START is funded by United Way KFLA, the City of Kingston, the Anna & Edward Churchill Foundation, the Davies Foundation and the William James Henderson Foundation. It is well-documented that children and youth receiving services from a Children’s Aid Society or other equivalent agency have more academic problems in schools than their peers. The program paid for in-class tutoring for children receiving services delivered in local schools. Tutors worked one-on-one with students in elementary, middle and high schools in both the Public and Catholic school systems. The pilot was very successful with tutors and teachers both giving it high marks. Some issues only allowed the first year of the program to reach half of its goal of 75 children. Year two of the pilot is expected to ramp up the numbers significantly. 


“We had a very positive experience with a FACSFLA START tutor last spring, for a student in Grade 3. The communication between CAS, classroom teacher, tutor and administration prior to the commencement of the tutoring was excellent: clear goals were established, based upon the student's unique situation and needs. Our student looked forward to the visits and was supported by the relationship and the one-on-one time to focus on learning tasks. As an administrator, I was very appreciative of this resource:  I look forward to future collaboration with the FACSFLA START Tutoring Program.”
James R. Henderson P.S.

“It has been a very positive experience for the student.  He is benefitting from the academic tutoring but also from the mentorship of his tutor.
Calvin Park Public School

“On behalf of the staff and students of Molly Brant, I would like to thank you for including us in this very special and unique project.  The benefits of such a program are two-fold. Firstly, we are provided with another caring adult in the building who is able to connect and build relationships with students.  As we know, and research supports, students who feel connected to the people in their school are more likely to be successful and to continue to attend school. Secondly, not only this is a caring adult, it is someone who supports academic learning. Increasing student achievement is our ultimate goal and the opportunity to be able to provide intensive, academic support within the school day has proven to do that. During our time participating in this program, we have seen the student be more successful and feel more confident, both when working with the tutor, but also when they get back to class with their regular teacher. We are very grateful for this partnership and wish to express our most sincere thanks.”
Molly Brant Elementary School
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