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We’re almost there on the Tree of Hope


We’ve raised $30,000 of the $40,000 we need

We just added up the numbers at we’re at about 75 percent of the money we need for our 100-year-old holiday appeal – the Tree of Hope. We’ve now raised $30,000 of the $40,000 we need for the Tree of Hope. 

With our December 19th deadline closing in fast, the campaign has reached its toy target, but still needs money. Most of the kids on our list will have toys and clothes. What is missing is money for gifts for teens, special requests and big-ticket items, like beds, cribs, baby strollers and more. And the campaign needs money to make up for a shortfall in winter coats. First estimates were that we would need as many as 60 coats for kids, but the Campaign wound up buying more than 100 to fill the gap. That was money we hadn’t planned on spending. 

As you prepare for your holidays think about the kids and families our Children’s Aid Society serves. When you’re buying toys for your kids, they’re looking at empty stockings. When you’re preparing a feast, they’re worried they won’t have enough to eat. When you’re giving thanks for everything you have, they’re wondering how they will cope.

The Tree of Hope can help. But to do that we need your help. Can your family help one of the families we serve?

Please give generously at www.HelpTreeofHope.ca 

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