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Share a Message of Hope with the kids we serve for the launch of the Tree of Hope on Nov. 12

It’s been a tough year, for everyone. For the kids we serve, it’s going to be worse. We’re your Children’s Aid Society and for a hundred years our Tree of Hope holiday appeal has helped the kids we serve with the things they need. And one of the things they need now is hope. Hope for today, hope for tomorrow. Hope for the support they need. Hope for help for their families. That’s why we’re asking you to Send a Message of Hope to the kids we serve. On November 12 we’re launching the Tree of Hope campaign. We’re calling it Hope Day. We want you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin to share a short message. Tell them you care, that this community cares. Tell them to work hard at school and to help their families. Tell them to be brave in the face of COVID-19. Tell them they are not alone. This is your chance to touch the lives of the kids we serve with a message of hope. We’ll share your messages on social media. Just tag us. Go to our website and jot down a message. We’ll use some of your messages on a special Hope Day Livestream broadcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Or you can join us live with your message.

Share your Hope

  • Use the conact form BELOW to share your message. We’ll use it on Hope Day Nov. 12.
  • Go to our Social Media Content Centre. Just go to https://thesocialpresskit.com/tree-of-hope to find existing content you can use on your Facebook, Twiter and Instagram
  • Tag us on Nov. 12. Go to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag us @FACSFLA.

Our annual Tree of Hope Holiday Appeal is facing the biggest challenge in a hundred years.
Hundreds of KFL&A kids are counting on us. Can we count on you?

A hundred years ago our Founders started their first Holiday Appeal. Our Children’s Aid Society was created in 1894 in Kingston. We’ve been asking for help from the community for the kids we serve ever since. But this year will be different. Thanks to COVID-19, this year will be the most challenging Tree of Hope campaign ever. And we need your help. Now, more than ever. You know the kind of year it’s been thanks to COVID-19. Wearing masks. Working from home. Social distancing. It’s been tough on you and your family. Now imagine what the impact is on the kids we serve. Here’s a real story. One of our workers contacted us in August about a family she was helping. They needed a crib for a baby and bunk beds for two other kids. The family was struggling with a number of challenges, including poverty. Our job is to support them and keep them together, and that was what she was doing. But without proper beds for the children the family was struggling. 

This is one of many requests we get every year for the Tree of Hope. Not just toys, but beds, cribs, strollers, winter clothing, personal items and more. Our workers are in the community identifying families who need help. We reach the most deserving families with the most pressing needs. The Tree of Hope was designed to fill in the gaps between government programs and other community programs. If we don’t help some of these families no one will else will. This is why we need your help, and now, months before December. This year will be the greatest challenge we’ve ever faced. We’re switching to gift cards instead of collecting toys because of COVID-19. Our costs will go up as a result. We expect a larger need than in previous years. 

If there ever was a time to support the Tree of Hope it is now. Hundreds of children, youth and families are counting on us. Can we count on you? 

What you can do to help
There are many ways you can help us in this difficult time:
  • Make an early donation online with a credit card. We need donations now to pay for the changes we’ll be making before the campaign starts in November. As an early donor, you will be ensuring our success. SEE BELOW. 
  • Make a plan about collecting money instead of toys. Did you buy toys as a family? Tell your kids now about the change and help them understand why collecting toys might not be safe in this Pandemic. Did you support the Tree of Hope as a group, workplace or a church? Start a discussion now with your members about what you can do to help. 
  • Keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Follow our social media for the latest updates on the Tree of Hope as we work through some of these changes. Tell your friends and get them engaged on help the kids we serve. 
  • PLEASE DO NOT drop-off toys, clothing or other items.

How you can reach us

  • CALL US. Phone us at (613) 545-3227 Extension 3388. You may have to leave a message. We'll get back to you as soon we can.
  • VISIT US. Because of COVID-19 safety rules we require all visitors for the Tree of Hope to MAKE AN APPOINMENT. Use the email form below or the phone number above to contact us to arrange an appointment. Times and locations may be limited. 
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Your donation by cheque or credit card, by mail or online will give us the flexibility to help each family.

  • GIVE ONLINE WITH A CREDIT CARD. Click here to make an online donation and receive an instant charitable tax receipt.
  • MAIL US A CHEQUE. Make a cheque payable to “Family and Children’s Services” and put “Tree of Hope” on the envelope or the memo line. Mail it to: DONATIONS. Family and Children’s Services. 817 Division Street, Kingston, Ontario K7K 4C2.
  • VISIT US. You can drop off money or cheques. YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to deliver them. Use the web email form below to arrange a time. With an appointment you can visit us our Kingston office in 817 Division Street or in Napanee at 99 Advance Avenue. 
  • GET YOUR BUSINESS OR ORGANIZATION INVOLVED. There are several ways you can help, from taking money at your cash register to holding a special fundraising event. Contact us for help starting your own campaign.


  • HANDLING. We need limited numbers of donated gift cards. We strongly recommending that you contact us first before you purchase them. We'll use the cards to help selected families. 
  • TYPE OF CARD. Minimum value must be $25.00. Maximum value should be $100. Pick a gift card that can purchase toys, but also consider cards for books, food, household and/or personal items. We strongly encourage gift cards be for local stores rather than online ones (because not all clients have an Internet connection or credit cards for online purchases). 
  • DELIVERING THE CARDS. Gift Cards will ONLY be accepted at our Kingston office at 817 Division Street. YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to deliver them. Use the web email form below to arrange a time. 
  • NOTE. Rules for donated gift cards are subject to change. Please check back frequently to keep current. 

CONTACT the Tree of Hope

Use this form to contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you want to SEND A MESSAGE OF HOPE to one of the kids we serve, just type your message below. To make an APPOINTMENT just check the box below.

Thanks for your support.

Important Note

We take the privacy of the children and families we serve very seriously. We cannot identify any of the children or families that benefit from the Tree of Hope. This also makes it difficult for us to honour requests for feedback from kids who received your donations of toys. Thank you for understanding.  The money we raise from the Tree of Hope will go towards buying toys, cribs, and other items our families need over the holiday season and to manage the campaign. Any money left over will be sent to our Summer Camp program, which sends some of the same kids helped by the Tree of Hope to summer camps across our two counties. We will issue tax receipts for donations of over $20.00. You can expect these receipts to arrive in February. For gifts given online, charitable tax receipts will be issued by email. 

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