Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is strengthening families, protecting children and youth and promoting their well-being.

Children Growing Up in Families.

We are committed to trying to keep families in crisis together. Through our support, and linking the family with other community services, the vast majority of the children we see stay in their homes with their parents. When that can’t happen, we look for another family to care for them. This could be the child’s extended family. Or, if that option is not available, a foster family. We make an effort to reunite children with their parents if possible. And in our vision, if a child has to be permanently separated from their parents, then we will do the best we can to find them a permanent home and family through adoption or long-term foster care. Every child in our care will experience a safe and nurturing family. That’s what our vision means.

Our Strategic Plan

Strengthen families to keep children in their own home.

  • Make Client Engagement a core principle and activity in service delivery
  • Develop Early Help Model
  • Develop collaborative service to improve client opportunities in:
  • Addiction
  • Mental Health (adult and children/youth)
  • Poverty
  • Domestic Violence

Find timely alternative permanent families for children that cannot stay in their family.

  • Kinsip
  • Customary Care
  • Adoption/Legal Custody

In the role of the parent we are committed to every child in our care experiencing:

  • Family based care
  • Positive Educational Outcomes
  • Transition to Independence
  • Placement stability
  • Vibrant family access program

Promote and develop professional excellence.

  • Train and Equip all staff, foster parents and volunteers to deliver exceptional service
  • Implement an Anti-Oppressive Framework
  • Implement a Workplace Wellness Plan

Be Accountable and Efficient

  • Develop a Balanced Scorecard
  • Measure Client Feedback and Participation
  • Enhanced fundraising capacity

Our Board

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Dan Corbett

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Norma Jean Barrett

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Darren Seymour

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Marilyn McDonald

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Helen Chadwick

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Elizabeth Coates

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Daphne Mayer

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Christa Walsh


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