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Some of the kids we serve don’t get the Summer they deserve

You can change that by making a donation

We’re a Children’s Aid Society. For 122 years we’ve been protecting children from abuse and neglect. We know that many of the kids we serve don’t get the Summer deserve. They face barriers that prevent them from going to Summer Camp. The only we can help them is if you make a donation. 

Here’s why you should help
Every kid deserves Summer. Many of the kids we serve don’t go to Summer Camp – they just stay home and watch TV or play on the Internet. That’s because their families are in crisis. They face situations of domestic violence, addiction or mental health issues. For these families, finding a camp, making arrangements, paying the cost and getting the kids there is a major challenge. Without help, these kids won’t get to Summer Camp. 

That’s just not a problem for these families, it’s a problem for all of us. Summer camp isn’t just a nice-to-have activity for these kids; it’s an essential part of their development. Everyone knows that in Canada, the majority of kids don’t get the physical activity that they need each day. According to the 2015 ParticipACTION study, only 9% of 5- to 17-year olds get the 60 minutes of heart-pumping activity they need each day. But what most people don’t know is that things like physical activity are especially critical to children who have been exposed to abuse and neglect. According to a 2007 study, young adults who experienced abuse and neglect as children had high rates of obesity and limited physical activity. A third had a significant health problem limiting their activities by the time they became adults. That will likely mean higher health and social costs for our community when these kids grow up. 

You can give them hope
But more important than that is the need to give these kids and their families a message – they are not alone. These are perhaps some of the most disadvantaged kids in our community. One of the things they really need is hope. Sending them to Summer Camp won’t solve all their problems, but it will let them know that people like you and others in the community care. And with all they have to face, that’s a powerful thing. 

Why everything depends on you

Our government funding doesn’t cover Summer Camp for these kids, who are receiving our services but who are not in our care. We rely on donors like you to make our Summer Camp program work. We’ll use your donations to send kids to camps all across KFL&A. Last year, we sent more than 60 kids to camp. If we had the money we could have sent many more, and for longer. 

Summer for these kids depends on your donations. 
Can your family help one of our families this Summer?




MAIL: Fill out the Mail in Donation form and mail it to: 

Family and Children's Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington
817 Division Street
Kingston, ON K7K 4C2

PHONE: Call (613) 545-3227 or Toll-Free (855) 445-3227 to make a donation by VISA or MasterCard.

Go online to our Donation catalogue and make a donation with your VISA or MasterCard. 

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One Family's Story

Every year, we help deserving families send their kids to summer camp. One of them was Crystal. We helped send her two children to summer camp. Otherwise, they would have stayed home all summer. There are many families like Crystal's. Thanks to donors like you we can help them.

Please give generously.