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How to help the Tree of Hope

Here’s what you can do right now to help the Tree of Hope.
The Tree of Hope is the annual Christmas appeal of Family and Children's Services. It helps more than 900 of the kids served by the Agency with toys, food, clothing and more at Christmas. It's also one of the oldest Christmas appeals in Southeastern Ontario. This is the campaign for kids who need Christmas the most.

EMAIL:  PHONE: 613-545-3227 Ext 3324

Give Money

Why money
The needs of the families we serve are many and varied. Most need more than just toys. Sometimes its food, clothing, sports activities, sending kids to summer camp, cribs, beds and more. That’s why money is so important. It will give us the flexibility to help each family in the way that best meets their needs

How to Give

Give a Gift

What to Give
The best way to shop for one of our kids is to contact us.  We’re looking for age-appropriate gifts for kids from newborns to youth over 18 years old. Gift guidelines are available online below. Gifts will be checked before delivery, so all gifts must be unwrapped. We’ll repackage your gift in one of our gift bags. And we’ll provide you with a card to write them a note. 

How to give 

  • Contact us. We will match you to a child on our list. We’ll need your name, email and phone number and we’ll ask you to book a time when you will be delivering it to one of our Christmas Centres. You can do this in two ways:
    • Go to our Online Gift Portal. Pick a child by age and gender, then schedule the time you’ll deliver your gift. We’ll send you updates to remind you. Pick the Online Gift Portal where you will be dropping off your gift.
      • UPDATE: We currently have many of our referrals matched. Please CONTACT us diuectly at the numbers below to be matched to a child.
    • Or call us at (613) 545-3227 Ext. 3324 to talk to someone at our Christmas Centre. You may have to leave a voicemail, but we’ll get back to you.
  • Pick a gift. Use the Gift Giving Guideline below.
  • Buy your gift. Make sure you keep a store receipt if you want a charitable tax receipt. DO NOT wrap it.
  • Fill out a donation form and attach your receipt. You can download a form at or get one at one of our Christmas Centres.
  • Bring to a Christmas Centre. REMEMBER that our Christmas Centres are open on certain days and times only. Bring a card with a note on it or use one of ours. DO NOT include your contact information on the note. 

Christmas Centres

Christmas Centres open Nov. 25 and run until December 19, 2016.
Call us at (613) 545-3227 Ext. 3324

817 Division Street
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10:00AM to 2:00PM

99 Advance Avenue
10:00AM to NOON
1:00PM to 3:00PM

Gift Giving Guidelines

Picking a gift takes 5 steps.

  1. First, review our Gift Giving Guide. Click here to download it.
  2. Age. Start with the age of the child your helping. Most toys, games or movies have “age appropriate” information. Use it as a guide to pick something that fits with the child you’ve been matched with. A baby can’t use a bike and a 16 year old doesn’t need chew toys. Use your common sense.
  3. Individual or Family. Now, decide whether you want to buy something for an individual child or for their whole family. A family activity or gift recognizes that Christmas is about being together as a family. We have plenty of ideas for family gifts – everything from movies to meals.
  4. Toy or Gift Card. If you are giving a gift, you need to decide whether it will be an actual toy or a gift card. For all digital gifts, like games, movies and apps, we strongly recommend buying a gift card. Buying an actual toy that a child wants is fun, but often it doesn’t match what they actually want. The information we have from the children on our list is often out-of-date or incorrect. A gift card will ensure the child gets exactly what they want. 
  5. Food, clothing health. Every child on our list could use some extras besides toys – tooth brushes, soap, socks and underwear, etc. For clothing, use the age of the child to pick the right item. But include the purchase receipt just in case if it needs to be exchanged. Almost all of the kids we serve could use food. Here, we strongly recommend a gift card from a grocery store or a restaurant. 

Things NOT to buy.

Please be cautious about the gifts you buy. Don’t buy gifts that are age inappropriate. Don’t give things that are potentially dangerous, like knives, bows and arrows or bb guns. Don’t buy things that are overly complicated or require additional purchases to make them work. Don’t give gifts that will expire, such as food products. Please use your common sense. Check out this link to get information on the 10 top worst toys for Christmas:


Tax receipts

Charitable tax receipts will be issued early in 2017 and will be sent by mail. 

We welcome all donations of new toys, clothes and other items we receive from the public for the Tree of Hope. To qualify for a charitable tax receipt, we follow these rules.

  • We issue tax receipts for gifts with a fair market value of $20.00 or more.
  • An agency donation tracking form will need to be completed and submitted with your gift, providing your name, address and phone number.  This information is required for mailing the charitable receipt and to contact you if we have any questions.
  • Itemized receipts from the store(s) where the gifts were purchased need to be attached to the donation form in order to accurately produce the charitable receipt. 
  • To facilitate the appropriate distribution of donated items, please ensure the gifts are unwrapped or in a gift bag.


Gifts of money – by credit card, cheque or cash – will be receipted for $20.00 or more.

  • Dropped off/Mailed. Donations of money dropped off at our offices will need to be accompanied by the agency’s donation tracking form.  As described above, this form includes your name, address and phone number and is used for mailing the charitable receipt and to contact you if we have any questions
  • Online. We offer 24/7 online donations through our fundraising catalogue. All you need is a credit card. 


We take the privacy of the children and families we serve very seriously. We cannot identify any of the children or families that benefit from the Tree of Hope. This also makes it difficult for us to honour requests for feedback from kids who received your donations of toys. Thank you for understanding.

How we use donated money

The money we raise from the Tree of Hope will primarily go towards Christmas. We’ll use it to buy toys, cribs, and other items our families need over the holiday season. Any money left over will be sent to our Summer Camp program, which sends some of the kids we serve to summer camps across our two counties. More information about how we spend charitable dollars can be found at our listing at the Canada Revenue Agency. Our Charitable Giving Number is 11901 3332 RR 0001.